Junior’s Beer and Wine first opened for business in 1982 and has always been locally owned and operated. Its a funky little store with a mess of great beer, just off the drag and across the street from Breed & Co. Tiffany and Jason took over the store in September of 2011 and have been operating it everyday since. We welcome any beer requests you may have – if you don’t see it on our shelves let us know and if its distributed in Texas we’ll get it here.

In 1982, Junior, the original owner, decided to start selling beer and built the current red Juniors shack with his high school friend. Some time in the late 1980s he met his demise in less than certain circumstances (the story isn’t fully known and rumors still persist). It has sold beer, wine, ice, and even bio-gas fuel over the years. Today, we focus on providing craft beers, especially local craft beers, and treat all of our customers like friends and family.

So, come by our little beer shack and say hello!