Keg Reservations

Keg List

If it’s available in a keg, then we can get it. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, certainly contact Junior.  Keg reservations are highly recommended to guarantee you get the keg you want upon arrival as our stock changes all the time. And we’re fast — we’ll get you in and out of the store in just a few minutes and we’ll load the keg for you.

Specifically Austin Beerworks is special order only, we do not have these in inventory but can special order and generally have the next day excluding weekends.

The deposit is $160.  This includes the keg shell, tap and tub.  As long as you bring the equipment back in 3 days, you won’t get charged the $160 deposit.  We do this rather than charge an up front deposit because we need this equipment back.  The shells cost the breweries a lot of money and they need them back to continue making more beer, especially the smaller local breweries!

If you have a kegerator then you just owe us the deposit for the shell.  If you have a keg shell bring it and you will not be charged a deposit (exceptions may apply).

Questions? See how many beers in a keg, or our other keg FAQs.